Ramon Heusen_english

Ramon Heusen is a partner at Mint Tower Capital Management. Ramon likes the high degree of freedom given to the often still young employees. Combined with the speed of decision-making, this ensures the unique value proposition Mint Tower provides its clients.

Ramon has been working in the financial sector since 1993. He started at the ABN AMRO Retail Bank, before switching to Private Banking as a Sales Trader, advising high net worth individuals in derivatives, equities, and bonds. In 1999, he continued his career at ABN AMRO’s Investment Bank as a Market Maker in equity derivatives on the Amsterdam Options Exchange. He was responsible for market making in the technology sector as well as proprietary trading. In 2001 he became a Senior Trader at the Convertible Arbitrage desk. Two years later co-headed the desk, thereby assuming responsibility for the transformation into the Principal Strategies Group, which managed the positions within ABN AMRO’s Equities Division in credit, volatility, and convertible bonds. In 2007 he was appointed as an Executive Director. After the takeover of ABN AMRO, Ramon worked for Royal Bank of Scotland in the same position until 2010, before founding Mint Tower Capital Management the same year.