Marcel Voogel_english

Marcel Voogel is a partner at Mint Tower Capital Management. Marcel likes the dynamic and collaborative culture of the company, and as a team player, he appreciates the short lines of communication and the efficient decision making processes within the teams.

Prior to founding Mint Tower Capital Management in 2010, Marcel worked at ABN AMRO for thirteen years, and after the acquisition, at Royal Bank of Scotland. Since 2007, in the role of Senior Vice President in the Principal Strategies Group, he headed the Multi Strategy trading team that managed the trading positions within the Equities Division, particularly in the areas of credit, volatility and convertible arbitrage. Within this global team he was responsible for, among others, equity and index options. Prior to that, Marcel held various senior trading positions within the Global Equities Derivatives department at ABN AMRO since 2001. In his early years, after his traineeship at ABN AMRO, he worked as a market maker in equity derivatives at the Amsterdam Options Exchange.

Marcel earned his graduate degree in financial economics and tax law from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.