Joris Hoedemaekers_english

Joris Hoedemaekers is a partner at Mint Tower and responsible for Convertible Arbitrage. Joris appreciates the diversity of talent among his colleagues as well as the autonomy he has in running his business.

Joris has been working in the financial sector since 1996. He started his career as an Investment Banking Trainee at ABN AMRO, after which he became a market maker in convertible bonds. Later he also assumed responsibility for managing the warrants issued by ABN AMRO. In 1999 he started the Convertible Arbitrage desk, the proprietary trading segment of the bank. Initially, this department focused on the European markets, but after a successful start broadened its scope to include the US markets. Prior to founding Mint Tower, Joris worked for hedge fund Oasis Capital from 2003 until the end of 2009. As the Head of Trading Europe & US, he set up the respective trading activities and subsequently headed the trading team. At Oasis, his team was mainly active in the convertible bond market but also successfully set up several other strategies.

Joris graduated from HEAO Arnhem.