Bart Bijmolen_english

As the Head of Investor Relations at Mint Tower, Bart Bijmolen has been leading the Investor Relations team since 2015. Bart appreciates the culture at Mint Tower as people are highly motivated and work alongside each other to strive towards the same goal as a team in a professional environment.

Before joining Mint Tower, Bart was an Executive Director at Royal Bank of Scotland, where he was responsible for various volatility books. Prior to that Bart was Head Asian Indices at Royal Bank of Scotland in Hong Kong in 2008. He started his career in 1996 as a Management Trainee at ABN AMRO. Upon the completion of the traineeship, he became a market maker on the Amsterdam Options Exchange. Subsequently, Bart held various positions within the ABN AMRO’s Global Equity Derivatives team. Among others, he was responsible for the Volatility Trading books in Amsterdam.

Bart completed his studies at the HMSL in Leeuwarden in 1996.